Happy Cheeze recycling

You have the option of returning the collected cooling material to us and work with us to lower our carbon footprint further.

Find out how it works here:

For the sake of the environment, we want to act as sustainably as we can, therefore you can collect the cellulose packaging and the cool packs and send them back to us completely free of charge.

Happy Cheeze Recycling

to the 4th Parcel acceptance centres in your area


Returns are handled by UPS in Germany.

You can find a suitable UPS drop off location near you via the following link. You can hand over your returns conveniently here:

UPS acceptance centres in your area!

Tips for returns

Handle the packaging material as carefully as you can so that it can be reprocessed.

The cool packs supplied can, but do not have to, be sent back. You can confidently dispose of the cooling fluid contained in them by adding water and pouring it down the drain.