When are goods dispatched?

We dispatch ordered goods Monday to Wednesday exclusively, to avoid our products being left over the weekend in the warehouse of the contracted carrier. Orders that arrive from Wednesday on are dispatched the following week.

We ship exclusively Mondays to Wednesdays. As long as the ordered products can be delivered, we attempt to dispatch all orders made by Sunday by the following Wednesday. In Germany goods are delivered within 24-48 hours as a rule. International deliveries are dispatched on Mondays exclusively. As a rule, these parcels get to their destination within 5 days.

We cannot take responsibility for the delivery of international orders.

Note that no deliveries are made on Sundays and bank holidays.

If you have ordered items with different delivery times, we dispatch the goods in one consignment unless we have agreements to the contrary with you. In this event, the delivery time will be that of the ordered item with the longest delivery time.


Where does Happy Cheeze deliver to?

Happy Cheeze delivers to Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, UK, Netherlands and Switzerland.


What are the delivery costs?

The delivery costs in Germany are EUR 6.99 and EUR 13.90 in Luxembourg. In Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands, they are EUR 13.99.

This price includes not only the transport costs for a UPS parcel but also the costs for a robust cardboard delivery box and the packaging process itself. We have not included the supplement for CO2-neutral delivery.

As we deliver chilled products with a relatively short use-by date, we depend on our packages being delivered quickly. Neither can we switch to a cheaper carrier with longer delivery times. A further argument against this are unmotivated couriers who work for starvation wages and who have to deliver many parcels in much too short a time. The price competition for ever cheaper deliveries is quite clearly borne by these people, a fact that we cannot be reconcile with our company philosophy.


Due to its reliability and speed, UPS has so far been able to withdraw from the price competition. Fair payment, reliability and careful handling of the transported goods are our priorities in this respect. Combined with our thermal boxes, along with eco-friendly and effective wood wool as padding material, we have so far been able to prevent damage during transport effectively. As a rule, all domestic parcels get to their recipients within 2 working days, often even within 24 hours.


For the reasons mentioned, we are convinced of the wisdom of choosing UPS for our deliveries and hope to have found a reliable partner for the future.  


How does my Happy Cheeze stay chilled during transport?

For special logistics requirements, special thermal boxes can be used: these are cardboard boxes with “insulated fleece” and ice packs. These ensure that Happy Cheeze remains optimally chilled during transport – you can learn more about our special packaging here.

What happens if I am not at home when the delivery arrives?


The day before your delivery, you receive a UPS tracking number with which you can track your parcel.

You can see the time slot when your parcel will be delivered via the UPS tracking system.

UPS signature release authorisation

If you are not at home for the delivery, you can give UPS a signature release authorisation (fix the signature release authorisation to your front door so that it can easily be seen by the courier or give it to the appropriate UPS branch). Then the driver leaves your parcel at a location defined by you – e.g. at your front door or in front of the garage. You can get the signature release authorisation here.


UPS Access Point

Even if you are not at home, or do not want to have your parcel left at the door or handed over to neighbours, you can have your parcel sent directly to a UPS drop off location.

This is a convenient way for you to pick up your Happy Cheeze during their opening times. At present, there are around 2,500 UPS drop off locations available – and there are always new ones being added.

Here you can find a UPS drop off location in your area (Germany).


Can I send back the packaging material?  

Yes, you can find more information on this here.