We wanted to know and in 2017 we dared to do it: we entered the VOX-Gründershow

“Die Höhle der Löwen” [“The Lions’ Den”, similar to the British TV show “Dragons’ Den”.]

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What is it actually like to present your own company to established business people and face their no-holds-barred criticism – in front of a camera and millions of viewers, no less? We wanted to know – and this year we dared to jump into the “Lions’ Den’!

You can find out how it went right here.

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Happy Cheeze

Happy Cheeze: The vegan cheese alternative made from happy cashew kernels
We are a start-up from Cuxhaven who have set ourselves the task of making the world a happier place – with vegan cheese alternatives that simply taste better.

Are you vegan for ethical reasons or are you lactose intolerant? Do you follow a paleo diet or are you looking for a new taste experience? Then you’re in the right place! Feta, Camembert, Parmesan: in our small factory, we develop alternatives to cow’s milk products that not only taste unashamedly good, they’re also full of healthy ingredients. We use only natural and organic uncooked fruit and vegetables as our raw materials. The main man: cashews! The small kernels are full of minerals, vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids that really pack a punch. To get the best out of them taste-wise, we ferment the kernels and give them enough time to ripen – so, in every piece of Happy Cheeze there’s a big helping of happiness.

There is no room in our formulations for flavour enhancers, colourings, animal ingredients or artificial flavours. All our products are vegan, paleo, raw and organic, and naturally free from lactose, soya and gluten.

100% organic - 100% artisanal

Haypy Cheeze - veganer Käse


Ever since Happy Cheeze was founded in 2012, we have set great store by the selection of our raw materials. Every year in March, we go looking for the best organic cashews the market has to offer and stock up for the whole year. Our herbs and spices also come from selected suppliers, who – just like us – put a great deal of love into the selection of their products.


Everything that arrives on our premises in Cuxhaven is subjected to thorough quality controls – so we can be sure the raw materials satisfy our demands and will result in flawless cheese alternatives.  


As Europe’s first producer of raw vegan cheese alternatives, the emphasis has been on artisanal manufacturing right from the start. We focus strictly on the traditional techniques of conventional cheese manufacture and, logically, decline to go in for industrial mass production and the use of preservatives or chemical additives. Whether it's soaking cashews, producing cashew milk, fermenting, filling moulds or looking after the vegan cheeses in our ripening rooms, every step is carried out lovingly by hand. As all varieties take up to several weeks to ripen, and have to be monitored and looked after several times a day, our staff have a lot of experience, patience, a trained eye and a hefty dose of passion. So our small factory produces unique products that nourish body and soul – genuine soul food.

Happy Cheeze - Käsegenuss vegan

Mudar Mannah

Our philosophy

We’re not missionaries but we do have a mission: to make the world a slightly better place and people just a little bit happier!

These days it’s no longer a problem if you want to eat vegan food, whether it’s for ethical or health reasons. There is, however, one product that poses a big challenge for many people at the start: cheese! Pasta without Parmesan? Pizza without mozzarella? A lunch break without Camembert? It sounds like you’re giving something up. Happy Cheeze proves it doesn’t have to be like that at all. From cheese spread alternatives with herbes de Provence through ripened cheeses coated in ash to Cheeze Cake, we develop deceptively genuine alternatives to dairy products. We use only natural and organic uncooked fruit and vegetables as our raw materials. And, as we know the way to a person's heart is through the stomach, a super large helping of love goes into each individual product.

For us, it is important to win people over with a great taste and “genuine” products. It doesn’t matter why you have decided not to consume dairy products and other animal ingredients, whether it’s for ethical or health reasons. We want to make it easier for you to make this decision and offer you genuine alternatives that not only taste unashamedly good but are good from every other angle too. This starts with the raw materials, grown using organic farming methods, fair trade with people and a responsible approach to the environment, and ends with the careful processing of our ingredients. By the way: to understand the formulations of our products, you don’t need a PhD in chemistry! Happy Cheeze contains only happy cashew kernels, filtered water, rock salt, vegan fermentation cultures, and selected herbs and spices. On the other hand, you won’t find animal ingredients, preservatives, stabilisers or artificial additives in our products.

All our products are vegan, paleo, raw, mostly organic, and naturally free from lactose, soya and gluten.


Our story

It was during a short trip round the world travelling through Asia and Australia in 2011 that Mudar realised: „There are other ways to live my life!“ So, while he was still pursuing his career as an orthopaedic surgeon, he began to develop good cheese alternatives, which he had searched for in vain in the market place. “The few products that were on the market consisted mainly of fillers and binders, and didn’t taste a bit like cheese. I simply thought: “There has to be a better way to do this!“

No sooner said than done. Without more ado, Mudar came up with formulations for a cheese alternative on the basis of fermented cashew kernels and in 2012 founded his first company. What he had managed to create not only looked like cheese but also tasted and smelled like cheese – and totally without animal ingredients. This convinced not only family and friends but the word spread pretty fast – mainly in the vegan community but also with people who were simply curious about innovative products and looking for special taste experiences. Today, we are a small team headquartered in Cuxhaven – we’ve still got the old passion and demand continues to grow. Therefore, in February 2017 we opened a new production factory in Cuxhaven, where over 100,000 cheese alternatives can be manufactured every month and sent out to foodies all over the world. Although we have grown so much, we rely on traditional production methods and loving artisanal manufacture to produce Happy Cheeze – and you can taste this with every bite!